Laura Blum wins Counselor’s Choice Award for Simple to Sign Baby Board Books

Our latest award winner is the baby board book series (ages 0-5) written in English yet rhyme when signed in ASL, created by Laura Blum. A National Certified ASL interpreter with a degree in Family Science, emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Laura’s passion for ASL and her background in ECE fuels her creativity. She has partnered with the Deaf community to create language delay resources to support parent’s efforts to provide a language rich environment for their children

Winner of Counselor's Choice Award: PsychMaven- All things Helpful in Mental Health

PsychMaven is our latest honoree for Counselor’s Choice Award. PsychMaven an organization that spreads helpful information for the business and practice of professional mental health. They provide behavioral health clinicians with broad experience, both in failures and success, and share knowledge accumulated about career development, private practice, clinical skills, work/life balance, and business innovation. Founded by Dr. Stephen “David” Hall, the “Mavens” have clinic an

Social Work, Sociometry, & Psychodrama Guide for Therapists by Scott Giacomucci Awarded

Dr. Scott Giacomucci, DSW, LCSW, BCD, CGP, FAAETS, PAT (he, him, his) is the Director, Founder, & Director of Training/Continuing Education of the Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy. He provides clinical services at the center as well as supervision, consultation, and training. His textbook on Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama: Experiential Approaches for Group Therapists, Community Leaders, and Social Workers is being honored by Counselor’s Choice Award. T

Emelia Understands Equality, Fair ≠ Equal by Jeff Tucker wins Counselor's Choice Award

Emelia Understands Equality by Jeff Daniel Tucker, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has officially been approved as a winner of Counselor's Choice Award. What does it mean to have equality? Emelia Understands Equity explores the concept of fairness among children. After Emelia becomes upset about the "unfairness" of the testing accommodations her classmates receive, she learns a valuable lesson about equity - that what is fair is not always what is equal. With vivid illustr

Building Resiliency in Youth Series

Kat McGrady, Ed.D., LCPC, NCC with her book Building Resiliency in Youth is our latest award winner. Our youth are growing up in unprecedented times. They have seen global tensions, a worldwide pandemic and upheaval to the safeties embedded in their daily lives, national friction and violence, social media and the impact of advanced technology, and ongoing conflict interweaving between these macro matters. While trying to make sense of the world around them, our children and

Cloudy Days, winner of Counselor's Choice Award

The Cloudy Days childr en’s therapy book by Sabrina A. Cotton. Our latest award winner, Sabrina Cotton, is clinical social worker, and officer in the United States Air Force. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, Sabrina witnessed the impact of violence, addiction, and poverty on families—including her own. Those experiences inspired her pursuit of a career in mental health. Her passion for mental health, community work, and children inspired her to write a child

Our next winner: Navigating Friendships series

The “Navigating Friendships” series by Jennifer Licate Our latest award winner, Jennifer Licate, has been a school counselor for over a decade. She has the benefit of working with both young elementary children all the way up through high school. She creates, along with her illustrator Suzanne Beaky, books published by Boys Town Press. Her quick read chapter book series is perfect for readers 9-12 and help kids trying to navigate the challenges of growing up. She has been a

Freddie the Fly book series wins our next Counselor's Choice Award by Kim Delude, MA, CCC-SLP

Our latest award winner is the book series Freddie the Fly created by Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP (ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology). Working for over six years in the public schools she has helped countless children improve their social and language skills through fun activities that don’t feel like learning. Her self-published therapy series, Fairy Tales 2.0, was the 2020 Massachusetts State Clinical Achievement Award recipient. She has

It Will Never Happen to Me by Dr. Claudia Black. Counselor's Choice Award Honoree

Our latest award winner is Dr. Claudia Black, an author, trainer, and social worker. Her work in the field of addiction is world renowned since her very first books. Her books have become a staple in every Chemical Dependency Counselor program. She has founded the ClaudiaBlack Young Adult Center, a network of facilities recognized by the joint commission for treatment of addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. She has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for her boo

Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed. Honoree for her Learning to Get Along book series.

Our latest award winner is Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed., has done a lot for counselors and teachers alike. She’s been a school grade teacher and taught education classes at Utah State University where she received her Master’s degree in elementary education and gifted education. Her latest book, Making a Difference, teaches kindness, respect, and purpose, and empowers children to make good choices, and to be their best. She has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for her the

Dr. Jed Baker, winner of Counselor's Choice Award therapy skill book: The Social Skills Picture Book

Our latest award winner is Dr. Jed Baker, the director of the Social Skills Training Project. He is on the professional advisory board of Autism Today, ASPEN, ANSWER, YAI, the Kelberman Center, and several other autism organizations. In addition, he writes, lectures, and provides training internationally on the topics of social skills training and managing challenging behaviors. His work has also been featured on ABC World News, Nightline, Fox News, The CBS Early Show, and th

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz, Winner of Counselor's Choice Award for Healing Depression for Life

Our latest award winner is Dr. Gregory Jantz, best selling author, keynote speaker, and founder of The Center, A place of HOPE. His center has been voted a top ten facility for depression treatment in the United States. He has pioneered Whole Person Care in the 1980s and an expert on eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and abuse. He utilizes a variety of therapies including sleep and spiritual counseling. He is a member of the White House roundtable on opioid abuse and aut

Reagan A. North, Ph.D. our latest winner of Counselor's Choice Award.

Our latest award winner is Dr. Reagan North, a high school counselor. He has completed his dissertation at Seattle Pacific University on how school counselor preparation programs provide motivational interviewing training. He also gives regular trainings on using motivational interviewing throughout the United States. He has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for his therapy skill book: Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors. This gives a instructional view of

Lori Lite, winner of Counselor's Choice Award, for Angry Octopus: A relaxation story

Our latest award winner is Lori Lite, an American author. She is best known for her work creating lesson plans designed to help children, teens, and parents decrease their stress levels. Besides writing books and creating curriculum, she also has created guided CDs to help with relaxation. She has even made or own company, Lori Lite’s Stress Free Kids. She has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for the Angry Octopus. This takes kids page by page to how to use progressi

Seth J Gillihan, Ph.D., creator of Think Act Be, winner of Counselor's Choice Award

Our latest award winner is Seth J. Gillihan, PH.D., Licensed psychologist. He is known for his work specializing in mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy. Besides writing books and creating therapy card decks, he writes a blog for Psychology Today as well as a podcast called Think Act Be with almost 100 episodes. He even teaches some courses on these topics. He has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for his CBT Deck for reducing stress. This offers practica

Janine Halloran, LMHC Honoree for Coping Skills for Kids

Our latest award winner, Janine Halloran, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been working in the field for over 15 years. She creates products and resources which she distributes through two different businesses: Coping Skills for Kids and EncouragePlay She wrote many different books which all are an excellent fit in counseling and school settings. She has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for her workbook series: Coping Skills for Kids Workbook and the Ult