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Cloudy Days, winner of Counselor's Choice Award

The Cloudy Days childr

en’s therapy book by Sabrina A. Cotton.

Our latest award winner, Sabrina Cotton, is clinical social worker, and officer in the United States Air Force. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, Sabrina witnessed the impact of violence, addiction, and poverty on families—including her own. Those experiences inspired her pursuit of a career in mental health.

Her passion for mental health, community work, and children inspired her to write a children’s book series. The main character is named after her son, Jelani Jason, whose name means “powerful healer.” She hopes the series will educate and empower children to seek help for their invisible wounds.

A proud graduate of Park University, Cotton earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology, and she earned a Master of Science degree in Social Work at Saint Leo University. She currently provides mental health treatment to service members and their families. She has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice award for her first book of a series Cloudy Days. This is a powerful story about conquering depression. JJ is a seven year old boy who has been sad for a while. He notices a dark cloud hanging over his head that follows him everywhere. One day, his big brother notices the cloud and reassures JJ that it is ok to speak to someone about his feelings. He takes JJ to see a counselor, Mrs. Bright. Together, they create a plan to fight the cloud.

There is even more information about the book on her website,, including a video describing the story.

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