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Dr. Ramona Roberts; Winner of Counselors Choice Award with Making Sense of What Hasn't Made Sense

Our latest award winner is the book Making Sense of What Hasn’t Made Sense. This book was authored by Ramona Roberts, Psy.D. Dr. Ramona Roberts is currently the Executive Director of Caron Outpatient Treatment Center in Wyomissing, Pa (formerly Supervisor of Trauma Services at Caron's residential campus) and a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She teaches for a number of colleges/universities and has several research publications in peer-reviewed journals. She is a level II Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She has received numerous awards and has presented to audiences locally to intercontinentally. She has also been featured on a Parent-to-Parent podcast.

The book is written to help clients, beginning clinicians or even experienced clinicians that may be new to trauma, family members of people with trauma histories, and students in understanding the impact of trauma to be able to be more compassionate and make sense of what is happening. It is part of academic curriculum at West Chester University in the multicultural courses as it covers race related trauma as well, and is in the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine courses of addiction and trauma. Making Sense of What Hasn't Made Sense is geared towards family members, friends, the trauma survivor, and any student or professional that may be involved. It will provide a foundational understanding of trauma without a need for formal education and training as it is relatable and easily digestible. It is Dr. Roberts' hope that by gaining an awareness about trauma, it will support and promote compassion, courage, and hope.

Thank you, Dr. Roberts, for this book!

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