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Seth J Gillihan, Ph.D., creator of Think Act Be, winner of Counselor's Choice Award

Counselors Choice Award Seth J Gillihan CBT Deck

Think Act Be Dr Seth J Gillihan Ph.D. Counselors Choice Award winner podcast CBT deck

Our latest award winner is Seth J. Gillihan, PH.D., Licensed psychologist. He is known for his work specializing in mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy. Besides writing books and creating therapy card decks, he writes a blog for Psychology Today as well as a podcast called Think Act Be with almost 100 episodes. He even teaches some courses on these topics.

He has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for his CBT Deck for reducing stress. This offers practical interventions and considerations for evidence-based practices (EBPs) using mindfulness and CBT type skills for both clients and therapists.

For therapists and clients alike, The CBT Deck offers countless useful strategies that can be used as an adjunct to therapy, but even if you’re new to CBT, or just curious about its methods, Dr. Gillihan’s clear, engaging, and supportive writing style will help you quickly understand the concepts and enhance your motivation to apply the ready-to-use tools. This is a great resource!

They are available on his amazon page along with many of his other tools. We recommend them to any counselor and therapist working in these areas.

Thank you, Dr. Gillihan, for this wonderful tool. Also see his newest deck CBT Deck for Anxiety, Rumination, and Worry. Although we haven’t reviewed it yet here at Counselors Choice Award. We think it may be just as helpful.

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