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We're proud to recognize DMHS as an Honoree!

We are proud to say our latest award winner is DMHS: Deconstructing the Mental Health System based in Washington State. They want to make human services free to those who would otherwise not qualify. They are focused on helping those with the highest level of need to receive services and helping clinicians connect those on their waitlists to resources. Their partnerships are continually growing and we’re proud to support them by honoring them with Counselor’s Choice Award.

Deconstructing the Mental Health System Inc, (DMHS) is a group for Mental Health Professionals who are actively increasing access to mental health & wellness services for Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color. They assist emerging Black Therapists, Indigenous Therapists, and Therapists of Color in obtaining, maintaining, and navigating the bureaucracy of mental health licenses by offering free public advertisement & marketing of services in our Therapy & Wellness Directory, as well as encouraging participation as volunteers in the DMHS Free Therapy & Wellness Program. DMHS also offers the necessary tools including free clinical supervision by fully licensed Approved Supervisors. This is an organization that is inventing creative solutions to bring mental health options into Communities of Color.

Deconstructing the Mental Health System (DMHS) is lowering costs for mental health and wellness practitioners of Color by providing:

· free supervision for new mental health practitioners

· 12 free sessions to clients of Color.

Join DMHS for free if you are a mental health or wellness professional of Color.

Donate or connect DMHS to a major donor or granting organization so DMHS can continue to offer free services. Add to your website so DMHS providers are easier to find.

More information about them here:

Thank you for your work DMHS!

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