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Emelia Understands Equality, Fair ≠ Equal by Jeff Tucker wins Counselor's Choice Award

Emelia Understands Equality by Jeff Daniel Tucker, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has officially been approved as a winner of Counselor's Choice Award.

What does it mean to have equality? Emelia Understands Equity explores the concept of fairness among children. After Emelia becomes upset about the "unfairness" of the testing accommodations her classmates receive, she learns a valuable lesson about equity - that what is fair is not always what is equal. With vivid illustrations and a relatable story, young people learn the value of giving everyone what they need to be their best. This series doesn't follow a character. It follows a school. The school itself is a living community of wonderful stories and life lessons. Emelia Understands Equity is the second book of this series after My Name’s Sammy and I’m No Snitch. There are even downloadable activities that are organized by grades.

This book series is available in many different ways including Amazon, Boys Town Press, and

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