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Dr. Gregory L. Jantz, Winner of Counselor's Choice Award for Healing Depression for Life

Our latest award winner is Dr. Gregory Jantz, best selling author, keynote speaker, and founder of The Center, A place of HOPE. His center has been voted a top ten facility for depression treatment in the United States. He has pioneered Whole Person Care in the 1980s and an expert on eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and abuse. He utilizes a variety of therapies including sleep and spiritual counseling. He is a member of the White House roundtable on opioid abuse and authored 40 books.

Dr. Gregory Jantz A Place of HOPE Healing Depression for Life Counselors Choice Award

He has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for his therapy book: Healing Depression for Life. This book gives a powerful view that self-empowers the reader. It focuses in three areas, The Mind, Soul, and Body. It includes practical advice such as nutrition, spiritual advice about soul care, and cognitive advice about “hard to look at issues.” Listen to his interview about it, here.

Drawing on the innovative whole-person approach, Dr. Jantz reveals the treatments, practices, and lifestyle changes that can provide lasting relief from depression—by addressing its chemical, emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual causes. Not all depression is the same, and not all people with depression are the same. Healing Depression for Life will help you find the missing puzzle pieces that could make all the difference in overcoming your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and put you on the path to lasting joy.

Thank you, Dr. Jantz, for this wonderful tool.

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