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Freddie the Fly book series wins our next Counselor's Choice Award by Kim Delude, MA, CCC-SLP

Our latest award winner is the book series Freddie the Fly created by Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP (ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology). Working for over six years in the public schools she has helped countless children improve their social and language skills through fun activities that don’t feel like learning. Her self-published therapy series, Fairy Tales 2.0, was the 2020 Massachusetts State Clinical Achievement Award recipient.

Freddie the Fly Therapy book series Counselors Choice Award winner

She has also created books which are produced through: Boys Town Press. Freddie the Fly is a social series that uses humor and established strategies to help children have fun while improving their communication. The goal of the books is to provide resources that parents, teachers, caregivers and therapists feel comfortable using to help children grow. Targeting many topics Freddie helps children have fun while improving their everyday lives. Each book has downloadable activities. The newest book, Bugging Out helps kids learn to weigh their reactions and react appropriately. It will be coming out in early 2021. Our personal favorite though was Connecting the Dots.

Thank you, Kimberly, for this book series.

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