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Winner of Counselor's Choice Award: Ribbon of Worth by Dawna Daigneault

Ribbon of Worth by Dawna Daigneault

Our latest award winner, Ribbon of Worth, is a resource for therapists and clients to learn more about self-worth and Worth-Conscious Theory. There is a page dedicated to describing and understanding suicidal thinking with resources to reduce and manage that issue. It also offers links to public Facebook and Instagram sites on self-worth and a private group for therapists wanting to discuss Worth-Conscious Theory WCT in a group format. It is also intended to reduce the psychological pain associated with the belief that self-worth can be lost. Also, to provide a directory of therapists who can focus on affirming client self-worth. Ribbon of Worth is an online community and resource that supports individual and community wellness through strengthening self-worth. We are the original source of material on Worth-Conscious Theory and have a directory of mental health professionals specializing in self-worth as a vital component in the healing process. Self-worth as a birthright may make a difference in helping clients overcome psychological pain that is destructive to their quality of life. Feel free to check out the accredited CE course for counselors as well here:

#CounselorsChoice #CounselorsChoiceAward Considering your own practice for Counelor's Choice Award? It's free to apply:

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