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5.0 Clock Hours Home Study Recorded Video

Introduction video to this course by the instructor: Dawna Daigneault

5.0 clock hour Continuing Education Credits are provided as a recorded session if you pass the post-test following the course video content. The certificate of completion will be emailed to you within 10 minutes after passing the post-test.

Content Areas:

Counseling Theory/Practice and the

This is an introductory course on understanding Worth-Conscious Theory (WCT) to be used with clients by clinicians in a therapeutic setting.

Birthright Self-Worth refers to the worthiness inherent in all human beings that exists because the person exists. It can be affirmed or denied, but not lost. To honor our birthright of being worthy is to affirm it by developing and practicing the concepts within the four-pillars of self-worth framework. In support of scholars’ assertions that self-worth is a birthright and not something to be earned or lost, we maintain that the only action that can remove self-worth is to deny it.

To understand Worth-Conscious Theory (WCT), we build on the research from self-worth in this course. Aspects of myths that clients have on self-worth are addressed including specific phrases and ideas that clients may say. Clinicans will be given tools on how to address these maladaptive values. Common pitfalls are discussed as well in how clinicians work with clients with both self-esteem and self-worth problems. Distorted, twisted, or mistakes in thinking are compared to other theories, practices, and interventions. The benefits of each theory and how Worth-Conscious Theory addresses these issues are discussed in a practical way clinicians can bring to their own practice.

Workshop attendees can expect to:

• Show examples of how self-worth has been defined in the past. • Review prior theory and context of human worth.

• Explore self-worth through the eyes of a few great thinkers.

• Recognize the deeply personal experience of a worthy or unworthy narrative.

• Present the connection between unworthiness and psychache.

• Demystify self-worth myths and provide ideas to counter common mistakes.

• Reframe self-worth using a new theoretical model.

• Expound on the existing theories and hypothesis of self-worth.

• Introduce Worth-Conscious Theory and the basic constructs.

• Present the WCT Pyramid model.

• Teach three worth-affirming techniques.

• Discuss ways that denied client self-worth may impact the counseling process.

Other Course Information:

Partial credit/partial attendance is not allowed for this course.

If you have any questions about this course or would like to request accommodations, you can contact us.

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As a professional counselor in private practice, Dawna specializes in treating individuals experiencing self-worth issues. She has learned that sometimes depression and anxiety stem from low self-worth. This reality has prompted her to hone her skills for repairing self-worth issues for clients and readers.

Dawna created the So Worthy app (2020) to include pathways that guide people back to self-worth. The app asks challenging questions while assisting users in finding their balance and exercising self-compassion. The So Worthy Activity Journal is a companion book to the app but can be a stand-alone guide to remembering and protecting self-worth.

Dawna graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a master’s degree in counseling and continued her education there, achieving an Ed.S. degree. She has authored local articles and blogs on balance and self-awareness throughout her career and led workshops, seminars, and group classes. She was an ongoing presenter with a regional self-improvement seminar for four years and has conducted speaking engagements at various women’s events—all the while collecting real-life challenges and experiences through her own perspective and her professional surroundings.

In 2012, Dawna wrote the Ribbon of Worth essay to assist her clients in forming a mental image of how to protect self-worth. She created an online Facebook community called Ribbon of Worth to promote individual and community wellness through sharing her wealth of experience on self-worth. It was through this initial effort and Daigneault’s own process of self-love and learning that was born to support self-worth in others.

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