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Sophie's Sorry is our latest Winner of Counselor's Choice Award

We're happy to announce that Jeff Tucker is the latest winner of Counselor's Choice Award! This book is by a previous winner Jeff Daniel Tucker, a Licensed Professional Counselor, has officially been approved as a winner of Counselor's Choice Award. Sophie says sorry – a lot.

She says it so much, her schoolmates call her Sorry Sophie.

It doesn’t matter what mistake, mayhem, or misery she creates, Sophie blurts out a quick sorry and thinks she’s made everything right.When she gobbles up all the cookies that were meant to be shared with her little brother, she shouts sorry and moves on. When a magnifying glass is shattered because of her carelessness, she offers a casual sorry and escapes consequences. Sophie uses the word like a get out of jail free card.

But what happens when she turns Emelia’s much-loved birthday present into a shredded, deflated mess? Emelia doesn’t want to hear the same-old sorry from Sophie. She expects more than just talk. She wants Sophie to make it right.

Now Sophie is stuck. If saying sorry is no longer enough, how can she make things right? Is there a resolution that will satisfy everyone?

More importantly, how can Sophie repair all the hurt she caused her friend?

This book series is available in many different ways including Amazon, Boys Town Press, and

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