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Our Latest Winner is a Children's Picture Book: Awesome Dawson Has Big Emotions

We're happy to announce that our latest winner for Counselor's Choice Award is the book produced by bestselling author Julia Cook and renowned play therapist Dr. Rebeca Chow team up in this colorful, empowering story about how to stop emotions from spinning out of control. This book also includes tips and strategies to help children manage their emotions.

When Dawson is told to turn off the TV and go to bed, he huffs and puffs and kicks the

couch. He’s not ready for bed just yet. When Dawson is told to put his shoes on for

school, he shouts and pouts. He’d rather stay home and build stuff with Dad. When

Dawson sees Harvey, his best bud, he leaps high in the air and then comes crashing down on him. And when Dawson spills paint all over his most-favorite shirt, he panics and gasps for breath. He fears his shirt is ruined. Dawson experiences lots of strong emotions – anger, sadness, excitement, and worry. Each one feels gigantic. Can he, with the help of a caring teacher, find a way to harness those emotions in a safe, healthy way? Or will Dawson’s biggest feelings be the boss of him? Are you a counselor with a tool you'd like to share with others? Consider applying for the award yourself! It's free to apply. All submissions are reviewed by licensed therapists.

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