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Manage Your Clients and Visitors Check-In With The Receptionist.

Updated: May 17, 2023

We're happy to announce that The Receptionist is another therapy tool for counselors to be honored by Counselor's Choice Award. Their therapy tool is a bit different than others but we think it's still important to the client's experience. As therapists, we’re always thinking about our clients. A large part of managing your business is figuring out the best way to welcome clients into your waiting area. Checking in clients, maintaining confidentiality, security, and providing a personalized experience are all essential tasks associated with running a private practice. And implementing a client check-in system like The Receptionist for iPad is helping practice owners do just that.

As a private practice owner, you are constantly thinking about how to run your business. It can feel like a juggling act.

Below, we take a look at how The Receptionist for iPad is helping private practice owners seamlessly check in clients, manage their spaces, and create a personal and professional experience for any client or visitor.

The Ease of Client Check-In

You can’t be in two places at once. Which makes it challenging to check in clients if you are, for instance, wrapping up a session with another patient.

The Receptionist for iPad allows clients to check in on their own and with just a few taps of a button. Upon arrival, clients can quickly and easily sign in for their appointment. Even further, the Receptionist for iPad gives practice owners the option to capture everything they need from clients, including a record of their visit or answers to questions like “has your billing information changed since your last appointment?”

Once a client checks in, you receive a notification via text message, email, Slack, or Teams. At that time, you can go grab your client so they aren’t left waiting or communicate with them to let them know you will be with them in a few minutes.

Managing Office Spaces

Whether you work with a group practice or a shared office space, the Receptionist for iPad is a simple and hassle-free way to centralize the management of your clients. You can create a check-in location just for yourself and your practice even in a space with multiple individuals or businesses. By doing so, you stay organized, secure, and compliant in addition to ensuring the easiest check-in process for your clients.

Personalize and Professionalize Your Business

Behavioral health is a very personal industry. And as a behavioral health professional, you want to be able to accentuate that same personalization throughout your practice. The Receptionist for iPad allows you to completely customize your client’s check-in experience in many ways. Custom prompts, questions, buttons, provider photos, and of course your logo can be added throughout the check-in system. With this level of individualization, your practice exudes both personalization and professionalism.

You wear many hats as both a therapist and private practice owner. Implementing a visitor management system like The Receptionist for iPad will simplify your life so that you can focus your attention on providing the best service to your clients and adding value to your business. You can now also get 1 month free with the following link:

Disclaimer: The Receptionist did not pay or provide kickbacks to Counselor's Choice Award for this promotion or review. We just think it's a great tool!

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