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Jennifer Licate's new books given Counselor's Choice Award

We are pleased to announce three new books in the “Navigating Friendships” book series have received our award. Author and certified school counselor, Jennifer Licate has added My Anxiety is Messing Things Up, Why is Drama Always Following Me? and Why is He Spreading Rumors about Me? to her “Navigating Friendships” book series. This makes a total of six books in the series, all recipients of our award. All books in the “Navigating Friendships” book series are short-read chapter books written for children ages 9 through 13. In addition, all books have an accompanying Teacher & Counselor Activity Guide with discussion questions and activities after each chapter. These accompanying Guides allow the books to be seamlessly be used with small counseling groups or classroom presentations, to further understanding and spark discussion. Thank you Jennifer for your continued work in creating useful tools for counselors!

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