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Holly Keller and Whitecap Counseling: Our newest honoree

Whitecap Counseling is our latest honoree for Counselor’s Choice Award. Founded by Holly Keller, LMHC, LPC, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II (CCTP-II), and CBT+ Certified. Whitecap has passed our rigorous review process of their practice and care standards based on the foundation of quality care. We're pleased to help Whitecap distinguish itself as a positive and ethical therapy practice. Holly's focus for the practice couldn't be better put than how she said it herself, "I help millennials break free from toxic family cycles through empowerment, establishing a sense of self, and becoming a boundary boss so that you can live a life you love. I am a cycle-breaking millennial therapist who understands the power of relationships. I value quality over quantity. I have years of experience breaking cycles in my personal and professional life. I use an integrative approach that is personalized to your needs. You will gain clarity by developing a sense of self through the recognition of the impact generational trauma has had on you. This will allow you to recognize your needs that you can translate into boundaries, which I will support you with learning how to implement, allowing you to break free from toxic cycles, enabling you to live a life you love. My professional experience has centered around trauma treatment and crisis response. I have worked with children, families, and adults from all walks of life." Considering your own practice for Counelor's Choice Award? It's free to apply:

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