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Bryan Smith, School Counselor winner for Executive FUNction series

Our latest award winner, Bryan Smith, has been an elementary school counselor for over 13 years after, previously, being an elementary school teacher. He creates, with his illustrator Lisa M. Griffin, books which are produced through: Boys Town Press. His stories address serious topics like self-acceptance as well as lighter ones such as sportsmanship. His books are specifically tailored for school settings and each has a downloadable classroom activity.

He has been awarded the Counselor’s Choice Award for his work series: Executive FUNction. They teach children how to plan, organize, manage time, and maintain self control. These seem to comprehensively offer practical interventions and considerations for evidence-based practices (EBPs) when working with children.

What Were You Thinking School Counselor Award Elementary School counselor winner book

When you're a child, it's not easy controlling your impulse reactions - kids do things before they think all the time. Strengthen executive function skills and empower impetuous young people with a humorous story about an impulsive third-grader, Braden. Braden loves to he the center of attention and his impulses get the better of him. The book Teaches students a strategy of four simple steps for stopping, thinking, decision-making, and choosing the right behavior It is even available on kindle too!

They are available at or directly from her website: We recommend these innovative books to any elementary school counselor.

Thank you, Bryan, for these magnificent tools!

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