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1.5 Hours Shame Resilience

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1.5 hour course as a recorded session if you pass the post-test following the course video content you will receive a the certificate of completion. This will be emailed to you within 10 minutes after passing the post-test. See Full Course Details: Content Areas: Addiction Recovery Shame Shame Resilience Building on his Coping with Emotions model emphasizing the importance of learning to feel and experience uncomfortable emotions in addiction recovery, Bob incorporates the work of Brene’ Brown and its application to addiction treatment. Participants will learn specific skills to aid clients in coping specifically with shame in recovery. Learning Goals/Outcomes: 1. Participants will develop the ability to educate patients on utilizing recovery support and other tools in coping with emotion. 2. Participants will learn to use chemical dependence groups as a training ground for patients to feel and tolerate shame. 3. Participants will learn to coach patients to “parent” their inner-child when trauma and/or shame are activated.

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