Group Practice or Private Practice Review

Group Practice or Private Practice Review

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Counselor's Choice Award® reviews products and services intended to serve as tools in the mental health field.


These services can include:

  • Private practices
  • Group practices
  • Counseling centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Inpatient centers
  • Outpatient centers
  • Equine therapy centers
  • Wilderness therapy centers
  • Camps for trouble teens
  • Incarceration counseling centers
  • Psychiatric and medication management locations
  • and more!


We are set the standard for products and services that have research scientific evidence for their effectiveness. The award was founded in the Northwest United States and each award is given after licensed mental health therapists and/or psychologists have evaluated peer-reviewed scientific journals and the application to ensure each location is safe and effective. Some criteria includes the following criteria:

Client Care

Adherence to state or country policies and laws.


Continuing educations credits

Years of service to the community


Counselor's Choice Award®

Reviewed by Licensed Mental Health Therapists

  • Begin the Process

    To begin the process of a product review, download the application from our website at the bottom of the webpage and email it to

    Then you can also submit with your refundable $35 application donation through paypal. Click the Pay Application Fee on the home screen.