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Call for Continuing Education Presenters

Counselor’s Choice Award is now hosting Continuing Education courses.

Do you have an area of clinical expertise, significant experience, or are an expert in your field of practice?

If so, we would like to invite you to submit an application to have your CE course hosted on our platform. Graduate level or higher working professionals are welcome to submit an application to present CE courses with us.

Never taught CE courses before? Not accredited as a CE provider? We’re happy to help meet with you and discuss how to get started. We will even help you fully develop the course from start to finish if you would like to consult with a member of our team.

We’re offering generous fee splits well above industry rates and are happy to host video, written, or even some live sessions. All you would have to focus on is making the most useful training possible. We’d do all the rest while you would get passive income and a share of every purchase. We do not sign for exclusivity nor noncompeting clauses because our main goal is to make your course be as useful and available to as many counselors as possible.

Our focus is quality over quantity and all courses are reviewed by licensed mental health therapists prior to approval.

If you’re looking to present more informal information, consider posting on our blog. We’re always looking for writers if there is anything you’d like to provide to the community.

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