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2.0 CE Teaching Clients How to Love Themselves

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2.0 clock hour Continuing Education Credits are provided as a recorded home-study session. Full Course Details: Treatment of trauma often starts with a complex series of different problems. Skills on how to listen to your client's story to help identify ways that they may have had missed chances to grow and learn to love themselves are discussed. This interview between a child and family therapist and an adult and couples therapist goes into the ways that you can help your clients learn how to love themselves through the gentle art of showing them how to love in life. A practice meditation is also provided. The course reviews different perspectives on the causes of why different people may undergo similar traumatic experiences but not everyone has functional impairment from the trauma after the event. Toxic (long-term) stress vs. Acute stress impacts and how clients can be impacted differently based on those experiences are discussed. Case examples are provided throughout the material in order to be able to understand the types of love and their impacts on the treatment of trauma. Objectives include: • What are the differences between diagnosis based on happened and those based on what needed to happen • How Grief work, attachment work, family systems, and self-love are connected • How we can help clients repair internal broken bonds to promote healing • The 5 "As" to how to treat trauma

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