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1.0 Skills and Overview for Clinicians Using Books

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1.0 clock hour Continuing Education Credits are provided as a recorded home-study session. See Full Course Details and Accreditations: This course will review information on using therapy books in clinical practice with families, youths, and children. Work in the course will include processing common questions and discussion points which most therapists have concerns for. Work includes finding good therapy books that will be able to be used in settings with children, teens, and caregivers. Further discussion points will include processing counselor concerns about using therapy books. Leo DeBroeck is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and certified in Washington State, USA as a Child Mental Health Specialist that has written many award winning therapy books and short stories for families and children. Workshop attendees can expect to: • Objective 1) Learner will be able to identify a common fear counselors have in using children’s therapy books • Objective 2) Learner will be able to identify one intervention for overcoming their own fear of using children’s therapy books in session • Objective 3) Learner will be able to understand how to avoid dangers in using therapy books • Objective 4) Learner will be able to understand how stories can impact children in a therapeutic setting • Objective 5) Learner will be able to understand how to provide therapy books as homework for sessions.

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