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4.0 Highly Resistant Clients: Effective Techniques

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4.0 clock hour Continuing Education Credits are provided as a recorded home-study session. Full Course Details: this seminar will first present definitions and a model for resistance that empowers therapists in managing the problem. This is followed by a discussion of common mistakes therapists make that promote resistance and a discussion of the general principles for dealing with resistance. More specific approaches and techniques are then presented with particular attention given to utilizing the inherent power of language to circumvent resistance. Common client impasses such as “Yes, but…” responses will be addressed. Upon completion of the training, participants will have a broad array of techniques to add to their repertoire and to aid in reducing the stress that accompanies their most frustrating clients. Some objectives include: a). Conceptualize what has historically been deemed ‘resistance’ in a manner that empowers workers to avoid, circumvent, and utilise it for client benefit. b). Describe and understand the most common errors workers make that hinder client movement. c). Understand and explain the inherent power of the therapeutic impact of language and employ numerous specific linguistic techniques that dissolve barriers with mandated clients. d). Understand methods for dealing with common difficulties such as “Yes, but…” and “I don’t know” responses.

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