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1.25 CE Psychological First Aid (PFA) training

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1.25 clock hour Continuing Education Credits are provided as a recorded home-study session. Full Course Details: Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a course based on the RAPID model for use in disaster mental health and responding to crisis. The course is an introduction for how to meet the two main goals: Instilling hope and mitigating acute distress. Areas of focus include reviewing each step of the RAPID model and a few of the most common problems and "Don't" for using it. Further discussion includes areas of research on what can be done to most effectively be prepared while using the PFA model. Resources for further information and trainings are included. Learners can expect to meet the following objectives: Objective 1) Learner will be able to understand causes of mental illness and treatment Objective 2) Learner will be able to identify misconceptions about mental health problems Objective 3) Learner will be able to use self-care and emotional fatigue Objective 4) Learner will be able to understand kinds of common symptoms Objective 5) Learner will be able to know the parts to the RAPID PFA model Objective 6) Learner will be able to understand rates of mental health problems in homeless populations

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