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8.5 CE Beyond Resistance: Innovative Approaches

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8.5 clock hour Continuing Education Credits are provided as a written home-study session. Full Course Details: The course was created from, and is based on, the book, Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients. The book addresses additional areas of resistance beyond those included here. Some of these additional areas of study include dealing with silence, responding to challenges from clients, additional linguistic techniques and language nuances, as well as an assortment of additional approaches such as paradox and reframing. This is an introductory to intermediate level course. Upon completion of the course, mental health professionals will be able to: • Develop a personal philosophy for understanding and managing resistance. • Explain how to conceptualize resistance to empower the therapist to avoid, circumvent, and utilize it for client benefit. • Describe five errors therapists make that foster and promote client resistance. • List five principles for dealing with resistance in clients. • Discuss three problems that arise with asking too many questions in therapy, and use alternate linguistic approaches to avoid these pitfalls. • Identify the multiple meanings of "I don't know" responses from clients and apply techniques for managing these responses.

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