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3.0 Ethics for Addiction Professionals

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3.0 hours for this course as a recorded home-study session. See full course details and accreditation: Participants will learn to build an ethical practice, thereby creating a lens by which to view any ethical situation. Areas of focus include: keys to building an ethical practice; using the 5 Tiers and 4 Pillars of Ethics as applied to ethical dilemmas; and an emphasis on protecting the client, clinician, agency, and community. After learning these ethical tools and principles, participants will apply them to grapple with compelling ethical dilemmas depicted in vignettes from substance abuse treatment settings. Objectives include: 1. Identify ethical principles that will protect the client, the client clinical information, the clinician, and the community. 2. Apply the 4 Pillars and 5 Tiers of Ethics in analyzing ethical situations and making appropriate ethical decisions. 3. Identify and apply the four best keys to building an ethical practice.

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