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1.5 Hours CBT and Relapse Prevention

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1.5 hour course as a recorded session if you pass the post-test following the course video content you will receive a the certificate of completion. This will be emailed to you within 10 minutes after passing the post-test. See Full Course Details: Content Areas: Addiction Recovery CBT CBT and Relapse Prevention A common, though necessary, approach in chemical dependence treatment is teaching recovery tools to be utilized when craving strikes.  However, teaching tools for intentional avoidance of the craving cycle is often overlooked placing patients at unnecessary risk of relapse. This training demonstrates utilization of CBT principles and Gorski Model relapse prevention skills in aiding patients to proactively deter craving before it occurs. Learning Goals/Outcomes: 1) Develop ability to teach patients to minimize how often they enter the craving cycle. 2) Learn an effective way to educate patients regarding physical, psychological, and social set- up behaviors which lead to entering the craving cycle. 3) Develop a thorough understanding of trigger events and the ability to explain them in way patients can understand and avoid them to minimize relapse.

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